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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Play Capsa Banting Games, A Popular Card Games

What was Capsa Banting ?? - Play Capsa Banting Games, A Popular Card Games, Come learn and be acquainted with the card game capsa slam, a very popular card game played today.

Hello friends are all, for lovers of card game you already know what it capsa slam dong. For temant and friends who still do not know, let’s let’s be listened immediate explanation of the game capsa slam.

Play Capsa Banting Games, A Popular Card Games

Capsa game tossing a card game that is very popular and played by using one set of playing cards totaling 52 cards without the joker card.
This game should be played by 4 players in one table and the main goal in the game capsa slam was the first player to spend a card in the hand in which each player has 13 cards. If it can not be the first player to spend the card then it should be the player who has the card in hand as little as possible because there is a calculation of points.

Where 13 in Chinese is Capsa for Cap = 10, Sa = 3. As well as the so-called capsa slam because usually players card issued by slamming the card to make it more exciting and fun while playing.

Actually, in the game there are two types capsa capsa capsa tossing and stacking, in this article mimin will first talk about capsa mimin tossing and will be discussed also about capsa flats in the next article.

Start Playing Capsa Banting
Capsa slam to start the game, there are conditions that need to be known in order to start to start. Condition is the player who has the card 3 diamonds (diamonds) in the hand can be started first.

In this game slam capsa friends can issue cards singly / units and combinations. Combination card is like a sequence of cards in a poker hand which must have been known by friends who know about the sequence of cards in a poker hand well, with a combination of cards such as:
• High Card
• Pair
• Two Pair
• Three of A Kind
• Straight
• Flush
• Full House
• Four of a Kind
• Straight Flush
• Royal Flush

Capsa slam in the game, there are rules to keep in mind that if the first player card issued by a single / unit then the next player must issue cards singly / unit as well and its value must be greater than the first player card. If the first player card issued by the combination then the next player must remove the card and also a combination of the value must be greater.

If there are players who do not have a card larger than the previous player then must pass or pass and continue to the next player.
For a game capsa also slammed the card 2 is the highest card while the lowest card is the card 3.

To flower (flower) cards from highest to lowest are:
Spade (Waru)> Heart (Heart)> Club (Curly)> Diamond (Diamonds).

Keep in mind in the game capsa slam, there are two combinations of cards that can beat the card 2, namely: a combination of four cards of a kind plus one free card and the card straight flush combination.

If the card 2 lose 2 cards that combination then the remaining two cards in the game round will be the lowest card.

If there are players who get a card with A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K when dealing then the player will instantly win the game in that round because the value of the card as the card is called Dragon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Adu Q Online One of The Dominoes Type Games

Adu Q Online One of The Dominoes Type Games - Now has come so many types and variations of card games that we can play in the online media. One game that is now so much and is fun to play card games Adu Q Online.

Adu Q Online is a traditional game that was once played offline (ground coffee) and can now be played online. Can be played along with our friends alone or also with other rivals.

Adu Q Online One of The Dominoes Type Games

Games of Adu Q Online online game of using one set of dominoes totaling 28 cards. Adu Q Online can be played by several players on one table and a maximum of 8 players are.

Start the game, when the game starts, all players must follow the bet according to the minimum bet at the table. After all bets then all players will get two cards and are given a few seconds to memirit cards obtained.

After time runs out, then all the players have to open the card and the card will be pitted against the value gained by all the players. The player with the highest card value that would win this game of online q. Highest value card is a card or card number q worth 9.

Here below is the card game to see adu q online:

Adu Q Online Display

Views are quite nice and also interesting will certainly make the game more exciting and fun to play.

If there are players in this game are the same card value will be determined by the amount of cards owned custody.