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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Know About Capsa Susun Card Games

Know About Capsa Susun Card Games
Capsa Susun game is a card game that uses one set of playing cards totaling 52 cards without the joker card. The game is usually played a couple of players and the maximum is 4 players in one table, with each player gets 13 cards.

How to Play Blackjack or 21 Cards

For capsa game, consisting of 2 capsa namely:
1. Capsa Susun (5-5-3)
2. Capsa Banting (Big Two)

Fearing the article is too long so in this article, will be discussed first mimin for stacking capsa games (5-5-3) and will be discussed in the next article mimin for capsa tossing game (big two).

Capsa stacking game is very popular in Hong Kong (HK) and then spread to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Then over time, the game is well known and played in the United States and is known by several names.

In Cantonese, the game is called the Sap Sam Cheung (十三 張) which means it is 13 cards. If in Vietnam is called XAP Xam Choung, in China called the Luosong Pai Jiu (羅 宋 牌九), which means Russian Pai Gow. In the United States called the Chinene Poker or Poker also Russia.

Regulation of Game Capsa Susun
For a basic rule in the game capsa stacking, the lowest card is a card 2 and then 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, US … In addition, should also be considered for development card (flower) on order from high to low is: spades♠, hearts♥, clubs♣, diamond♦.

Called by stacking capsa (5-5-3) then each player needs to arrange 13 cards into 3 parts:
The top card consists of three cards,
Card was made up of five cards,
Under the card consists of five cards.

With the bottom of the card should be higher than the middle of the card, the card must be greater than the middle of the top card, if there are errors in drawing card it will be considered losers.

For capsa card stacking arrangement also uses standard poker hand rankings in general:
- Royal flush
- Straight flush
- Four of a kind
- Full house
- Flush
- Straight
- Three of a kind
- Two pair
- One pair
- High card

Play Capsa Susun

But the most high value cards are cards ‘Dragon’, the cards that make up the United States, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

To the top card or 3 cards, only three types of hands are possible, namely:

-Three Of A Kind
-Two Pair
-One Pair
-High Card

There is no value in having a front hand with three cards in a row or three cards of the same kind: “straight” or “flushes” on the front side does not count.

Showdown and Scoring
You win get 1 point of each hand you win.

If there is a player who made a mistake in drafting the wrong card will be counted as a point x3

When one player wins all three hands of other players in all sides, so that the point of the winner will be x2.

When one player wins all three hands of all the players on all sides, so that the point of the winner will be x4. (Only with 4 players)

Special Hands
Special hand will get more than normal if you win:

-Three of A Kind in front of the hand will be counted as 6 points.
-Full House in the hands of the center will be counted as 4 points.
-Four of A Kind in the bottom hand will be counted as 8 points.
-Four of A Kind in the middle of the hand will be counted as 16 points.
-Straight Flush in hand back will be counted as 10 points.
-Straight Flush in the middle of the hand will be counted as 20 points.
-Royal Flush in hand back will be counted as 12 points.
-Royal Flush in the middle of the hand will be counted as 24 points.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to Play Blackjack or 21 Cards

How to Play Blackjack or 21 Cards - A game that uses one set of playing cards and in this game full of strategy is needed to be known by every player.

When you are playing cards 21, we are not against any other player but casino dealer. The essence of the game is how to keep the card we have no more value than the count value of 21.

How to Play Blackjack or 21 Cards

How to Play Blackjack
Each card has its own value that is very important.
Here below is the type and value of the card of Blackjack or 21:
The type of card numbers, which is a card that has numbers, from number 2 to 10. The card was rated equal to that number.
Kind of king card, a card that is rated 10.
Type an ace, a card rated 1-10 or 11 depending on the context.
Type aces combination with the king card or a card that has a value of 10 is the point gets BLACKJACK !!

Dealer of Blackjack or 21 Cards

Dealer Casino
In any offline casino (casino landline) or also in online casinos set different rules in blackjack this way. So that you do not experience a large loss usually casino will make as the first player to place bets. If the player has more than 21 cards, the casino dealer will soon reach into chips that you bet on both land and online poker table.

To avoid the casino dealers and bookies you spend too deep then it should be how to play blackjack you are not perfunctory. Because if you have a card with a value of more than 21 direct where the dealer wins. Thus the city black jack has the authority to open the card at the end.

Player Starter
For novice players, there are two options when getting their turn to play:
Choosing another card (hit), as an adjunct to reach a value of 21.
Do not take additional cards (stand).

The following will explain a little mimin guide to other ways of playing qame BlackJack and in addition there are also other ways to play the card game Blackjack or 21’s.

As described below:
How to use the insurance if the dealer opened his card and it was ace. Such insurance is generally paid 2: 1 from the value of our bets. This happens when the casino dealer actually getting BLACKJACK.

But if it turns out the dealer does not have a card value of 21, the insurance was gone and the game will continue.

Double Down
How to Double down is a feature in how to play blackjack if we are to raise the stakes. In option and this way you are only given the chance to take one additional card only. This method can be used if two cards belong to our existing only have a value of 8 to 11.

Split or Split Card
In blackjack this way separates the novice players first two cards into two separate handles. Where note that separated the two cards must have the same value, eg 7 and 7, 10 and 10 and so on. In a way this split, an ace and a card value of 10 is rated as 21, but not a Blackjack.

The implication novice players will not get paid 3: 2, wherein the bright side, it beat the dealer if the card held has a value of 20 or less. How to split immediately end the game because the value is 21, although not in a class of black jack.

How to play blackjack with the surrender rather difficult to accept for the novice player who has the spirit! In the feature by way of giving up we decided not to follow the course of the game at the poker table. Generally, casinos allow surrender selection only after the dealer shows his cards.

Example: if the dealer has ace and a 10, while we are far below it. When the bookies got an ace then he will open the next card, who knows it to be a black jack!

Well, maybe if it were up here for an explanation of How to Play Blackjack or 21 Cards