Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Adu Q Online One of The Dominoes Type Games

Adu Q Online One of The Dominoes Type Games - Now has come so many types and variations of card games that we can play in the online media. One game that is now so much and is fun to play card games Adu Q Online.

Adu Q Online is a traditional game that was once played offline (ground coffee) and can now be played online. Can be played along with our friends alone or also with other rivals.

Adu Q Online One of The Dominoes Type Games

Games of Adu Q Online online game of using one set of dominoes totaling 28 cards. Adu Q Online can be played by several players on one table and a maximum of 8 players are.

Start the game, when the game starts, all players must follow the bet according to the minimum bet at the table. After all bets then all players will get two cards and are given a few seconds to memirit cards obtained.

After time runs out, then all the players have to open the card and the card will be pitted against the value gained by all the players. The player with the highest card value that would win this game of online q. Highest value card is a card or card number q worth 9.

Here below is the card game to see adu q online:

Adu Q Online Display

Views are quite nice and also interesting will certainly make the game more exciting and fun to play.

If there are players in this game are the same card value will be determined by the amount of cards owned custody.