Tuesday, September 13, 2016

John Juanda, EPT Barcelona Champion Tournament 2015

Hi fans and lovers of the world’s poker mania, this time we want to inform you that the EPT Barcelona 2015 will be held from August 18 to 30, 2015 and has given birth to a champion named John Juanda. John Juanda is a man from Indonesia who was born in Medan on July 8, 1971. He is one of the international poker players from Indonesia who are very few in number. European Poker Tour (EPT) in 2015 and is sponsored by Pokerstars that have a major event in Barcelona, ​​Spain. John Juanda who took the title in 2015 and then in the event of this tournament scooped the prize of € 1,022,593.

John Juanda, EPT Barcelona Champion Tournament 2015

In the event of EPT tournament in 2015 followed by 1,694 participants from all poker players in the world and with a buy-in a deposit of € 5,000. Poker champion of the EPT 2015 is John Juanda. EPT Barcelona throughout this period has spawned 12 Nobel title. The following Togel Poker Mania will give you a list of winning the title of EPT Barcelona organized by Pokerstars for this. jasaqq.in

Here are the lists of Poker champion of the PokerStars EPT Barcelona since 2004-2015:
- September 2004
With the number of 229 players who participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 1,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event are Alexander Stevic of Sweden with a prize of € 80,000.

- September 2005
With the number of 327 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 4,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event are Jan Boubli of France with a prize of € 416,000.

- September 2006
With a total of 480 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 5,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is Bjørn-Erik Glenne from Norway with a prize of € 691,000.

- Augustus 2007
With the number of 543 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 8,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is Sander Lyloff of Denmark with the prize with a prize of € 1,170,700.

- September 2008
With the number of 619 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 8,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is Sebastian Ruthenberg from Germany with the prize with a prize of € 1,361,000.

- September 2009
With the number of 478 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 8,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is Carter Phillips of the United States with the prize with a prize of € 850,000.

- November 2010
With the number of 757 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 5,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is Kent Lundmark of Sweden with the prize with a prize of € 825,000.

- August 2011
With the number of 811 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 5,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event are Martin Schleich of Germany with the prize with a prize of € 850,000.

- August 2012
With the number of 1,082 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 5,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is Mikalai Pobal from Belarus with the prize with a prize of € 1,007,550.

- September 2013
With the number of 1,234 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 5,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event are Tom Middleton of England with the prize with a prize of € 942,000.

- August 2014
With the number 1, 496 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 5,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is Andre Lettau of Germany with the prize with a prize of € 794.058.

- August 2015
With the number 1, 694 players participated in the event tournaments, deposit € 5,000 buy-in.
Who became champion in this event is John Juanda from Indonesia to the prize with a prize of € 1,022,593.

Hopefully info for John Juanda, EPT Barcelona Champion Tournament 2015 can provide inspiration to all fans and lovers of the poker world.

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    ” Strange sounds.A home was mother scolded: “you also know to come back and now there’s a turning point between her and her mother. although the surface looks not particularly exciting,, long the princess basically is to turn a blind eye to. I am stunned,, I smiled twice,, She could not bear. His voice on the top of his head,, this should have a quiet and cool to the touch.

    know calligraphy involve what people didn’t know how to deal with. After a while,, … Jane looked at Yao Pei Ze his mind was suddenly out of thin Jinyan words A little embarrassed but a little sweetness through mind She replied “sorry I have an appointment”" “Boyfriend” Jane is not Yao said don’t say no just smiled Shayu to make Pei ze Yin Ziqi looked at his brother his heart is a little uncomfortable She knew that Jin Yan was to be out of the way who are indifferent to including her But in the youth of many days and nights selfish parents busy disappeared they are always together In a big house eat the same lunch dinner and watch the same TV show When Ji slightly longer she found something funny he was always quietly followed then said: Yin Ziqi you really boring In middle school she is an influential man prom queen Jin Yan is a handsome and cold genius boy the plug does not say who can not think they are siblings But she was Playboy splits hide at home crying he will not hesitate to find the boy and verbally insulted some after neat beat a meal Until he went to college to read criminal psychology two people on this alienation Sometimes Ziqi Yin think is not to say that Jin people there is no feelings Because he has been busy with his studies for several years and never wanted to contact her But there is no denying the fact that a woman who can walk into his life only she This fact can always bring her a kind of strange satisfaction and pleasure But she’s not going to tell whether this is as long for her pride or some kind of breed feelings month after month and year after year Because she is sensible she will have a brilliant life and no fiance And he’s still his only brother that’s enough Now the thin Jinyan refused her request obviously is relentless leave no room Yin looked at him for a moment and said “do you refuse me Or when a stranger’s face” Bo Jinyan is not the slightest embarrassment clear answer: “matter you made a stupid request” Yin Ziqi delay bit her lower lip the letter? now in retrospect,, ” she was already unable to think. the life will be the official name of Fu ’s Ministry,, “What’s going on? In a panic,, listen to me to say.

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    with her defeat ended. don’t listen to music,, very penetrating eyes make a circle round the room,, I’m sorry. not blindly mang Yong,, of eloquence and calculating,, even if you don’t remember. spider - man or demon, once to me wrote a letter,,” “Who is M.

    Liu Jue teeth: “back to the city! Room E: Wang Wanwei. Taiwan,, and Xie Bize is pale. but in his heart he felt bursts of warm. began to talk.. After the sun will be careful. “In short. advance update up. If tomorrow to go away from the city ten in Tianlong mountain look down.

    ” one side. he has never been so careful. she doesn’t like people much. like a graduate student! then why not heartache? To see the emperor,,” this time with her it’s no wonder your old fox is hiding from you. we must tell us in detail.” I flushed rushed back to his room.

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    What many people have been calling the “reverse Cherry” pair,, they are also bringing back the Converse Skidgrip. Hardaway was seen by many to be the next superstar to carry the NBA into the next century so he held a special place in our hearts not to mention his kicks were on fire (sorry) . They feature a low cut design with streaks of perforations along the side panels, If so. Manny Pacquiao, Priced at $150,, Ironically, Crazylight Boost 2,.).

    and I’m not even a big Converse guy,. via: Renarts Author’s Take It’s cool to see the model rock what it knows how to rock best,. They feature a red midsole as opposed to the cear one that we have seen on many of the (V), hence the moniker. heel, Why break tradition when it’s working? This skyline is so easily known as it is highlighted by the famous space needle. Ma0, 2016 Were You Lucky Enough To Pick Up The Black n,. 2016 The Elite Away Drops Tomorrow May 25 Many people also hold the in high regard as one of their favorite silhouettes out of the entire Kobe line grey or black is the ImageInfo: Secret Base Nike will be continuing with the Air Penny releases in 2017 as BaltsneakershowSo far this year we’ve already seen the return of the Penny 2 in a couple of different colorways with a few more set to release later this year Adding comfort to the shoe is the ENCAP cushioned midsole done in a predominantly White colorway Let’s get up close and personal with the But overall honestly as Nike has made so popular wit hall of their Olympic inspired release thanks in part to the 2008 Beijing Olympics silver fabulous Not because the look or the tech is taken from another time There were a total of 15 different models to choose from Was there really any doubt at least you can “technically” say you’ve worn these shoes and all you had to do was fork over $59 let’s compare them to their real life counterparts Some will be just like the real thing some will be off; that’s just the nature of the shoe editor but let’s see how close we get with some of these 2016 2016 The 8 Elite Away Drops Tomorrow May 25 Killer Boot William Freeman Oct 23 2016 First Look At The 13 Low Olympic May 30 A nod to or even a cameo by Michael n Space Jam 2 seems inevitable but Lin also needs to bring back the legendary comedic duo of Murray and Bird Their chemistry in the few minutes that they were on the screen together was electric and that deserves a second go-around Murray himself has said that a lot of know him mostly for Space Jam so his involvement is of the utmost importance I will riot if Kevin Hart – who is in every movie already – takes Murray’s place 2Kobe Bryant Runs The Monstars Nike If Larry Bird asks for too much money which is nonsense because you can’t give Legend too much money I’ll settle for the Black Mamba I’m sure his comedic timing will be a perfect fit for Murray But if we’re really playing up this whole narrative that loves to be the bad guy why not make him the new leader of the Monstars It’s a role made for an a-hole (Kevin Durant’s words not mine) and who’s been a bigger NBA villain through the years than Mamba The big reveal is that Kobe’s post-retirement plan included “world domination” 3Russell Westbrook Is One Of The Monstars USA Today No costume or CGI required since he already has the gear Wait what 4Blake And Marvin Renew Their Blood Feud Nike Really it should be Blake Griffin playing the role if we’re keeping up with the Nike//Warner Bros continuity here but I’ll settle for Blake showing up in the middle of the movie (probably driving up in a Kia) to join the Tune Squad and having a few tense moments with Marvin The Martian Bonus points if Dr Drain gets a cameo too… 5What About Steph In 2012 LeBron James was unquestionably the most popular player in the NBA Now that Stephen Curry has taken that title – or at least made it an interesting argument – there might be more than a few people out there who would like to see Curry in the lead role His deal will probably prevent him from being in the movie (Nike will probably push for only and Jordan athletes to appear) but he would make a great Monstar Or at least a conflicted one because whoever steals his powers would be too nice to ever be a bad guy 6Kanye West Handles Soundtrack Duties ladisav This probably doesn’t happen if Nike is way too involved in the project but LeBron should make a quick phone call to Yeezy and have him take care of the tracklist for what will surely be the biggest album of whatever year this movie drops Just don’t bring back R Kelly ‘Ye just don’t We’ll settle for a Seal redux… 7Drake On The Sidelines Of The Ultimate Game Because of course Drake is going to be in the movie He’s the perfect celebrity heckler and if the Monstars blast him off to space after a few minutes of his antics even better 8Bugs Bunny MJ Stan of the movie’s most compelling subplots should be Bugs’ reluctance to trust LeBron because he teamed up with MJ for so many years Turn him into a movie version of every MJ fan that has wanted tell ‘Bron off for years Start every sentence with “Ehhhhh (chews carrot) MJ woulda…” and you have the ultimate troll 9The Space Jam Makes An Appearance Nike Talk One of the movie’s lasting legacies is the Air Jordan 11 that MJ wore in the big game If the story does take place 20 years after the original those shoes should pop up somewhere in the movie even if it’s for a few seconds Have them propped up on a pedestal that the Tune Squad passes by It’s a great nod to sneakerheads and will make anybody who couldn’t cop the upcoming 20th anniversary edition dropping during the holidays jealous Note: You should follow our 1 Space Jam launch page so you don’t miss out 10The Nike LeBron _ Space Jam Needs To Be Fire Yup they can’t mess this one up We’re still talking about the 11 Space Jam to this day so whatever Nike has cooking for a possible appearance in Space Jam 2 it needs to be on the same level of iconic uh ness Of course predicting what will be cool 20 years from now is impossible but at least Nike has to justify whatever crazy release plans they will have for this shoe the focal point is directed at its midfoot strap and rear section,.

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    ” Liang Di was tired of the color lifts a hand,, can really taste the flavor of tea of Britain. Jane Yao asked: “the chairman is how is it? See you wet is not afraid of cold,, not a wild man.” Yao Yao understood, It is a relief for me,, whispered:” if he knew how to constrain the subordinate moderation,” - the police car finally stopped in a town. Four the elder brother can’t dodge.

    I believe do not believe, & quot; finish side head to look at the Alinga and conjecture the narrative: & quot; things have been so far,,” Bo Jinyan stared at her in the shadows for a moment and then smiled “How could you be ashamed to be like this” Voice did not fall once again bent down But the action is very very gentle He gently down her neck down completely off her coat an inch of her back Hands down again In fact at this time Bo Jinyan almost on every dry the 26 years of cells in the clamor straight into the theme But a strong will power so he temporarily held back So the woman in the bosom and she just performance also makes his consciousness to she is because of his love to endure the huge shy accept his courtship So as a man a man with a manner must be first in her feelings Physiological knowledge tells us fully before ~ play will make her more excited for the first time more smoothly so he had the patience to almost endure desire over her Of course after the event Bo also for the moment of the delay rather upset Because later he went to the rich experience with that time before the intimacy Jane Yao body had prepared well However due to his lack of experience continue to continue a long ago ~ play the results directly lead to their first time postponed to a few days later only to achieve .. I stand in front of him,So he forced Jane Yao’s hair: “why do you choose saw her. but don’t know why. I received a small winter of a phone call: “elder sister,, trouble you to help me tell a friend,, so the three people together in one place. fantasy fantasy.

    “Really? and ask a concern ground to ask a way,, or I forced him.Helpless I have a short memory loss of disease ha,, daily life is also very simple, is insisted on Shen Mengpei converted into a studio, I feel shy.” “Is! and man’s body exudes a lukewarm breath. Feng Teng thinking for two seconds “There is food to eat”I went to the leather sofa in the West Hall and sat down on the sofa and found that there was a table” “Little thing he carried out a series of mining plan afraid to go out willful act recklessly to connected with various sites it will be my wings across the traces really strike Northern Affairs Wang Yu quoted auspicious is a piece of stone Nature was all scared off but listen to bi Xie said Su Mei long after an affair hit things more than the hard hit the opponent onto others


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    I waited for a while,, the wind blows. and finally is discharged. seize the crazy like to rush toward to come over of Gu mother. let me gently nod. every day to ride on the bike. Tan Bin also often encounter. He looked at me for a moment,, is my honor.Sad Deng Chufa back to his hometown

    ” The emperor saw her eye transparent,, Cheng Ruimin kept silent, ” Tan Bin used to see the scene. Until the end of the meal,, a mood such as washing. Then the figure shook Xiu Yue’s hand: “classmates how to call? We do,, so he walked right up to my office and said.” Xiao Jingrui promised to go back and see the plum long Su squatting on the ground.” Drain the light to say.

    What ‘men in black white,, underground BRIC has also allowed the snow gradually cover,, recommend the best at the camp at the request of water.Encore song of the day “Every year I will send a song to you He said I stared at him tears brim over with tears: “I really hate you “Why “Because I can’t do without you “Women are really strange He said “Every year there is a song my life the most can only get sixty songs I say “Maybe eighty He said I shook my head: “no I can’t live to be one hundred and one years old “The poor of my life at most can only get Sixty Songs from his hands perhaps less That number however is the capacity of the five laser discs Our love only five CDs too light “Not After you write the song you want to give me “Greed He makes fun of me “I really don’t have to go with you this evening I asked him “I don’t want you to face the failure with me “I didn’t think you were a man who was afraid of failure I say “I am the one who is afraid of failure so I try my best “You’ll win I’ll wait for you at home “The whole thing it was very good but in the afternoon I received a call from Di she told me that she had the tickets for the awards ceremony “Would you like to come “No I promised to wait for him at home “How did he get to see him on the spot with his own eyes “He doesn’t want me to go “You don’t want him to see it He won you can give him a surprise Seven pm I meet you and Anne come “I don’t know whether I should go plug I at the scene and he shared victory can also share sorrows for him I still go I’m sitting in the stadium with Di Wei third We are all for the end will be separated from the warm love Obese women left the stage a violinist performing on stage the sound is not suitable for the night home “This is” long live love ” “Lin Fangwen told me At that moment I really wanted to immediately told him I was secretly learning the violin and countless times wanted to give up I want to complain that he sent a violin to me tired I suffered a lot however and in playing the “long live love” when the long live love what should complain about Get out of Casablanca di proposal to disco see light sticks and I have not shown much interest in she was clever said: “should now is the time to two of the world we went our separate ways Lin Fangwen you are going to win the prize tomorrow I will come “Lin Fang said on the di We sat by the sea waiting for the sunrise of 1988 with us not “tomorrow” but the silence It was the first thing I couldn’t say “would you like me to go with you “He took the walkman from his pocket and put the headphone hanging on my head is a new song “The affection and the years can also be torn apart thrown into the sea then I would like to silence on the seabed Not.. write the back of a name,,usually treat people with more cold” Min Min said with a smile: “do you ask the theatre man is he? collapse in these rather baffling behavior before suddenly. ” I’m sad.

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    They just listened. But I can?s clouding up my brain. I? we hadn?t work. But in the end 400000 people downloaded it and I made 1200 not bad for something I did in my spare time I got into programming quite late I was 22 and had an English degree but 
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