Friday, September 2, 2016

Play Bandar Q Games With Domino Cards

When this has so many types of card games that we could find on the internet and play online because it so quickly and the rapid development of the internet world today certainly will not be hard to find and discover various types of card games online. Which in general is a card game that uses texas poker playing cards and dominoes using dominoes. Now has come the bandarq card game that uses dominos once played traditional and ground coffee with friends we can now play online via internet anytime and anywhere and with friends or your other rivals. It’s interesting is not it ??

Bandarq online card game is a game that uses dominos totaling 28 dominoes in 1 setnya. This game can be played several players, maximum 8 players in one table. Later there will be a player who could be a BANDAR, so the game is called BandarQ. Any player who has and who has been determined eligible, it can play this game as BANDAR and will be enforced around the system.

This game can be played by anyone and of course also the necessary awareness and understanding that must be mastered in advance to play one moment later. For this game, we suggest you are aged over 17 years because this is a game that will be using real money chips.

Below is a picture of one set of dominoes:

Play Bandar Q Games With Domino Cards

For a city in the game City Q are conditions that must be met by a player who wants to be City.
Player is given the opportunity to choose which table to play. There on the table SMALL to BIG.

The example is :
If my friend chose a table bet 100,000 then the player can make a bet of at least 100,000 and up to 500,000 then to become BANDAR in this game player who sits bring chips / money of 10x or amounted to 5,000,000 this can only be BANDAR Q . Just understand well everything ??

This below is picture of BandarQ Games :
Bandar Q Games

Rules and How to Play Bandar Q
Buddy can instantly see the picture below for an explanation :)

Well, quite clearly and understand not the explanation Play Bandar Q Games With Domino Cards. :)

Hope can help and benefit all of buddies who do not know.